Important Questions You Should Ask a Letting Agent

For those who don’t know, a letting agent is basically a facilitator who is responsible for making sure that there is an agreement between the landlord, and the tenant when it comes to rending out a residential property. A lot of people confuse letting agents with estate agents, but you need to know that there is clear difference between both.

We are not here to discuss the difference between both, instead, we will be looking at some of the important questions you should ask a letting agent. These are important especially if this is your first time dealing with a letting agent.

If you want to hire a letting agent, check out Holloway letting agents for the proper information. As for now, we will be looking at the important questions you should ask a letting agent. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead.

Is Your Service Licensed?
In all honesty, we would not suggest you hiring any service that is not licensed. Yes, just like an estate agent requires a license, a letting agent does too. So, whenever you are hiring one, make sure you ask the question, we would not want your experience to be compromised in anyway.

How Much Are You Charging?
Another important question you should ask a letting agent is about the amount of money they are charging. Now the important thing here is that letting agents charge the same way as estate agents, so you’d know how much you are paying them.

You can totally skip this question if you want to, but we just think that it is actually good to ask. You can also ask whether or not you can meet the landlord, it actually is a good idea to clear this out beforehand so there are no confusions afterwards.

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