Recurve vs. Compound Bow

Bow hunting has been around for centuries and mankind has been using it for food and survival. Now with change of era, bow hunting has become more of a spot than a life saver but it is still quite famous among most big and small game hunters all over the world. Archery requires more skills and experience compared to modern weapon training and that is why many people still use this amazing weapon. Whether it is the bow hunting season in the area where you live or you just want to learn it as a beginner you might not be sure whether you should purchase a recurve or a compound bow.

Bows work by storing built-up energy in the flexed limbs and then catapulting it towards the arrow. For most recurves or longbows, the more you pull the string the more energy would be transferred to the arrow when you release it. It gets very difficult to draw the string all the way back in a recurve bow as it does not absorb any weight and you have to bear the entire force on your own. Modern compound bows are definitely the ultimate hunting weapons as they can let off the pulled weight up to 80 % depending upon the model. So you can easily hold your string at full draw for as long as you like depending upon the range and position of the animal.

Compound bows have higher accuracy rate and you can aim precisely towards your target by using the peep sight. Recurves can be effective at close range but in most cases compound bows are much better options. If you are planning to improve your hunting skills, then make sure to check the best compound bows reviews here on their website.

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